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How Traktor can learn from japanese women football team





How japanese women football team hitting the “lean”

2011 won the Japan women’s national football World Cup in Germany. They beat hosts Germany at home in the quarter-finals, raced past Sweden, taken in the final top two positions in the US and won 3-1 after penalties. In the Olympic final in London in 2012 took the silver (it is considered that they were disallowed by a referee’s faux pas). Fine shootouts and aggressive power play came when Japan’s women defeated Sweden in the IIHF World Championship in Malmö this year.

The Japanese players are on average 10-15 centimeters shorter and weighs 10-15 kilos less than their Western opponents. Yet they have proven to be sharp in those contact sports.

They have obviously skilled players and talented coach, but it’s in the cooperation on the field as they glisten. Their smiles are a joy to behold, and contagious. Coach were Norio Sasaki (football) and Yoshifumi Fuijisawa (Hockey) has developed strategies and tactics that addresses their physical shortcomings.

Coach Sasaki success is particularly remarkable. When he took over after the World Cup in 2007, Japan had never made it past the group stage of the championship.

Instead of paying good money to consultants (as in the second or third hand downloaded processes from Japan on how to screw the nuts and weld joints on an assembly line), we should invite the coach for Japan’s women’s football kind and damhockey team and ask them to explain how they managed to create team spirit and winning call that can overcome Act physical disabilities.

Lars Breimer

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